Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Sparkbook

If you have never heard of a Sparkbook, you are not alone. I've only just recently discovered what it is and I want to share it with all my readers. A Sparkbook helps you keep all your ideas together in one place and organized.

Step 1:
Choose a scrapbook, journal, sketch pad, notebook.

Step 2:
Decorate the book cover and pages by adding fabric, magazine cut-outs, photos, ribbons and stickers.

Step 3:
Create your own tags, if the books isn't already divided into sections. Title the sections, such as Food, Holiday, Party, Crafts, Home Decor, Wedding, etc. Use fabric and glue it to the sides of the pages, write section titles on the fabric. Or use your favorite book markers to divide the sections.

Step 4:
Decorate the pages with your ideas. Keep favorite party recipes, guest lists, scribble down ideas, print ideas from the internet, get ideas from friends or tv, include contact information from your favorite party supply stores.

Step 5:
Keep the sparkbook handy in order to add to it when an idea comes to mind. Use the ideas when needed. Lend the sparkbook to friends when they need ideas for their next party. It is that simple and fun.

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