Monday, December 7, 2009

My Yorkie Loves to Travel

I recently purchased a dog tote in order to take my Yorkie around town. I have been looking for one for months before I entered a little pet store and found a bag that had exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a bag that had a mesh window on top so that I can see what my dog is doing and a mesh window on the side so he can look out. I had a bag that I use to carry him in but it did not have a zipper on top so he would try to stick his little head out of the bag. I also needed a bag that I can close him in completely so that no one will know he is in there. And that he would still be able to breath of course. The neighborhood I live in is very much like a tiny NYC. There are restaurants and stores and a Publix walking distance. I like to walk my dog around so he can get plenty of exercise. The problem was if I wanted to stop in a store or stop to eat I could not carry him so that is why I decided to buy a bag in order to stick him in. This neighborhood is very dog friendly and although they allow pets in most places they want them to be carried while in the store. He doesn't weigh much but he starts to get heavy after a while. I also wanted a bag he could stand up in just in case he got tired of laying down. (Now you must understand why it was hard to find a bag with so many requirements) I was very excited when I found exactly what I wanted in a nearby pet store but of course it was pricy. I looked online and found it on for half the price. And I also found a doggie shampoo I had seen in the store for half the price there too. The shampoo is fantastic, I recommend it for dog owners, the best smelling shampoo I have ever purchased. I will never purchase another dog shampoo again. I keep picking up my dog and sniffing him like an addict. And his hair is shiny and soft. The shampoo is called Spa Lavish Shampoo-Renew. It is truly amazing. If you are looking for a dog purse that doesn't look like a gym bag like so many do, you will like this bag.

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