Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Time

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Especially, since law school has forced me to live away from my family and friends. So every year I look forward to that month that I get to travel back to home and be with the ones I love. If you love to read baking and cooking magazines, like I do, then you know the December issues are always the best. Every recipe looks delicious. My favorite part about Christmas (besides spending time with my loved ones and eating) is that I get to decorate my tini tiny apartment. This year I am loving the gingerbread theme. I found an adorable collection of gingerbread candle holders in Yankee Candle. I especially love the one in the picture above. He looks like gingerbread Mario or Luigi from Nintendo.

I was so excited about how cute the gingerbread candle holders were I had to show them off. So I showed them to my boyfriend. When I didn't get the response I was expecting-I was expecting a "what a great purchase, they are terrific"-I decided that we would use them to make a candle light dinner. I thought for sure after he saw them lit he would think they were worthy of more than "they're ok". So there we were eating dinner with all the lights turned off except for the light from the candle holders. If you think it sounds romantic it was not. I only purchased two small candle holders. Two small candles are the equivalent of just being in the dark. Which would have been romantic had it not been for the fact that we were eating. I ended up turning on the bedroom light for some additional light. I think my boyfriend learned to like them after that.

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